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Youth participants earn anon-taxable education
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Great website for exploring careers


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To do list

All Year Review:

Talk to your guidance counselor or teachers about Advanced Placement courses. Find out what courses are available, whether you are/will be eligible, and how to enroll in them or work toward them for future years. If you plan to play sports in college, you should verify with your high school guidance counselor and the NCAA online core-course listing to make sure you are on the right track.

Start planning for college and thinking about your career interests. Check out Career Information Systems (CIS).

Make a list of your awards, honors, paid or volunteer work, and extracurricular activities. Consider participating in academic enrichment programs, summer workshops, and camps with specialty focuses such as music, arts, and science.
Keep track of your activities on an "Activity Chart". See the career center, room 6, for a hardcopy and click here for more info about creating an activities chart.

To Explore:

Visit for some reasons to consider college and ways you can get help.

Parents "To Do" list:

Use the FAFSA4caster for a free early estimate of your elgibility for federal student aid. Make sure you are fully aware of the provisions of any college savings accounts you have opened for your child and start looking at various avenues for paying for college.

Activities Chart

  • Keep track of Activities every month
    throughout high school.

  • In addition to Activities chart, keep copies of any awards, newspaper articles with your face/name in it.

  • Advisory
    Every student participates in groups of approximately 15-20 students assigned to one Advisor from their freshman through senior year of high school. Advisory is designed to help students determine
    their strengths, career interests and
    goals, and map out a
    realistic strategy to reach
    those goals.See flow chart for overview of Advisory goals for each year of high school. DO NOT SKIP ANY ADVISORIES!