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Some commonly asked questions are:

Why do I keep receiving letters and e-mails from colleges?
Colleges might purchase thousands of names and addresses of students with test scores within a certain range and send one communication to everyone. These "search" letters and e-mails are meant to capture student's attention and encourage them to learn more about the college. They are not automatic offers of admission. This is simply one way that colleges market themselves and they hope you will consider them if they contact you often enough.

I can get all of the information I need about a college from the internet or a friend who is attending the college. Why do I need to go to a college fair or college visit?
Students who sumit applications without any recorded contact with a college can present a challenge to the admissions committee. Colleges want to offer admission to students who are most likely to accept the offer. One of the ways they try to judge that likelihood is by tracking students who have visited the campus or met with admissions officers during high school visits, college campus visits, or college fairs. If the review committee has no way of knowing that you have researched their college then you may not have the same advantage as a potential student who has demonstrated their interest with contact of some sort.

Can I use the information from my college visit to complete one of my Career Related Learning Experiences?

Yes! Before you go on the visit, get a college evaluation worksheet from the Career Center, room 6, at NBHS. You will find many helpful questions and evaluation suggestions on that sheet to help you make the most of your college visit.

Should I use the Common Application to apply to more than one college more easily?

Some students like to use this application, especially if they plan to apply to a lot of colleges. It can save you time, but you should know that you do still need to pay each college's application fee and some institutions may require additional information,
supplemental forms, and/or teacher evaluations along with your common application. Read the instructions provided by The Common Application website for instructions and







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